Botswana Expedition

Watch the sun set over the hot savannah plains, track the big five on safari and laugh with ancient tribesman by the fire on your expedition to Botswana.

Madagascar Expedition

Sweat through rainforest, conquer high peaks, see gigantic mangrove swamps, explore deep canyons and cool off on white sandy beaches in Madagascar.

Malawi Expedition

Head into the clouds and master Mount Mulanje and the Zomba Plateau, relax lakeside or head out on safari on your Malawi expedition.

Morocco Expedition

Explore dramatic gorges, traverse the Atlas mountains and climb on a camel to marvel at the sights and stars of the Sahara Desert on expedition in Morocco.

Swaziland Expedition

The last absolute monarchy of Africa, Swaziland is an intrepid traveller’s delight offering picturesque trekking trails and fascinating cultural immersion.

Tanzania Expedition

Discover wild game roaming on safari savannah plains, summit snow-capped peaks and relax on idyllic islands on your expedition to Tanzania.

Zambia Expedition

With it’s vibrant culture and urban energy, find time to explore Zambia, home to the mighty Zambezi and huge expanses of wilderness.