Are you ready?

Survivor Sweden. Into the wild.

Get involved. Appreciate the fullness of the forest, the perfect natural environment for your first survivor experience. Thick pine forests carpet the Swedish countryside hiding pockets of bright blue lakes teeming with fresh fish and swathes of blueberries. Use the sun and the wind to navigate, use natural rocks and canopy cover for protection from the elements, select your tree to carve fire making kits, bowls and spoons. Turn off the noise, get out of the urban buzz and listen to the quiet, hear the birds, the wind in the trees. Head into the wild.

Water icon

Drink. Find, filter and purify your water from natural sources

Shelter icon

Sleep. Protect yourself from the elements with your self-built shelter

Wellbeing icon

Be. Quiet your mind, awaken your senses, embrace the digital detox. Be here

Food icon

Eat. Feed off the land; forage for berries, set traps, catch fish and wild cook

Fire icon

Heat. The heart of camp; light a fire by friction for cooking and late night storytelling

Your itinerary

Travel to the wild

Switch off. Unplug. Get on the plane. Transfer by train and meet your survival experts on the platform (you can’t miss them!). Get dropped off at your secret location and head into the wild. It starts here.

Survival School

Master wilderness survival alongside your experts. Learn how to navigate in the wild; carve, craft and use bushcraft tools safely, build warm, natural shelters, light fires using a bow-drill, purify water, prepare and cook wild meals having foraged for wild, edible food, set traps and cast fishing lines.

Brave the wilderness

Put your new-found skills to the test. Together, you’ll survive in the depths of the forest; become a pack and fend for each other. As you journey through remote forested wilderness, make camp, find food, light fires. This is survival – it’s not clean, it’s not easy but it is real.

Return to civilisation

Say goodbye to the wild and make your way back to Stockholm. Kick back in the comforts of a hotel and reflect. With your mind cleared, your skin toughened – you’re alive! Talk to each other, listen, understand what it all meant. You did it. You did it together.

“He absolutely loved it and has managed to maintain his ‘no sugar’ status!  What an experience, he was full of it when he returned.”
Gilly, Parent

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Choose your territory

Head to the woods, deep into the jungle or out to the tropics.