Costa Rica

Are you ready?

Survivor Costa Rica. Into the tropics.

Jump in. Appreciate the warm energy of this tropical adventure. Costa Rica’s sizzling rainforest is scattered with misty lakes, rushing waterfalls and discrete breakout routes to cool, secluded beaches. Learn how to navigate without a map, swing a machete, start a fire and fish and forage for food. Work with your hands carving tools, building a raft and constructing natural shelters for the night.

Water icon

Drink. Find, filter and purify your water from natural sources

Shelter icon

Sleep. Protect yourself from the elements with your self-built shelter

Wellbeing icon

Be. Quiet your mind, awaken your senses, embrace the digital detox. Be here

Food icon

Eat. Feed off the land; forage for edible plants, set traps, catch fish and wild cook

Fire icon

Heat. The heart of camp; light a fire by friction for cooking and late night storytelling

Your itinerary

Survival school

Switch off. Unplug. Get on the plane. Touch down in San Jose and explore the city before making your way to a secret location deep in the wilderness. Listen to the monkeys’ call, smell the sweet scent of tropical flowers and sweat with the sticky heat. Enjoy the relative luxuries of survival school base camp, built by the experts, setting the benchmark high. Learn how to tie knots and lashings, build shelters, make fires, catch food and camp on a beach under the stars.

Brave the tropics

Master survival. Head into the jungle and put your new-found skills to the test. Build a new home. You are now a pack, you fend for each other. This is survival – it’s not clean, it’s not easy but it is real. Together you will thrive.

Active conservation

Restore nature. Trade your natural shelter for a hut nestled in the rainforest. Work closely with conservationists, biologists and rangers on initiatives including turtle conservation, reforestation and sustainable farming. Play a role in Costa Rica’s goal to become the world’s first carbon neutral country.

Feel the adrenaline and return to civilisation

Explore the Pacific Ocean, snorkel with dolphins or watch the whales. Head inland and up in the trees, zip wiring through Monteverde’s cloud forest or raft the white-water rapids with your teammates. Say goodbye to the jungle and make your way back to San Jose. Kick back in the comforts of the city and reflect. Relive the memories you will keep for a lifetime. You did it. You did it together.

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Choose your territory

Head to the woods, deep into the jungle or out to the tropics.