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Your Laos expedition. Slow down, tune in.

Explore stunning natural beauty and some of the most chilled out, relaxed vibes in Southeast Asia. Journey through an incredible landscape of natural beauty home to thousands of small, tranquil villages and serene Buddhist temples. Laos has a relatively undeveloped infrastructure, with many areas still accessible only by boat. With the Mekong forming the main artery of the country, your Laos expedition is likely to include river journeys and crossings as well as trekking in some of the pristine, unspoilt jungle that forms the hills of the north.

Sabaidee! We’re committed to our project partners in Laos and you’ll be welcomed into the rural communities we are collaborating with to help install more reliable, gravity-fed water systems. Live alongside local people and see what daily life really looks and feels like in Laos.


Predominantly upland, hilly jungle


Year round dry, warm weather averaging 26-35°C with a rainy season from May-Sep

Did you know?

Laos is the only landlocked country in Southeast Asia (but makes up for it in waterfalls!)

Some of the best bits

Visit jungle camps

Trek with local guides through beautiful rice paddy fields and patches of deep jungle in the far Northern reaches of Laos. Phou Khao Khuay National Park is a pioneer in conscientious eco-tourism in Laos, with a percentage of the profits reinvested in the communities you will pass through.

Meet the Laos Project Group

We’ve teamed up with the LPG, who empower rural communities to create their own sustainable livelihoods and drive their own improvements in living standards. Collaborate with Lao people on their local agenda involving everything from classroom expansion to building toilet blocks and laying fresh water pipes.

Free the bears

Share a rewarding experience with local people as you support their animal welfare initiatives. Help to provide sanctuary and rehabilitation to rescued wild animals including monkeys and bears. Sadly, there remains a strong illegal trade in the gall bile of bears, believed to hold healing powers in Chinese medicine.

Laze in Luang Prabang

Charming Luang Prabang was the former capital of Laos, style oozing from it’s French Indochinese architecture and Buddhist temples. Watch the world go by as the Mekong Delta meanders past this magical riverside town.

Get off the trail

See the ‘Angkor Wat’ of Laos. Older and less touristy than Angkor Wat, Wat Phou Temple complex is a UNESCO Heritage site over 1,000 years old! Explore the shrines, sanctuaries, terraces and pillars of this ‘mountain temple’ set high up on a hillside, offering stunning sunsets down over the Mekong River.

“When we were swimming in the Mekong, a bunch of local kids came up to us and we all started having a huge mud fight. We didn’t even speak the same language and had more fun than we had ever had before.”
Dante, Challenger

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