Java & Sumatra

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Your Java & Sumatra expedition. Unearth devil’s gold, find blue flames.

Feel mother earth rumble under your feet, standing on the summit of one of Java’s mystical volcanoes. Think skylines full of temples and stupas set against the gorgeous orange glow of sunset.  Spot orangutans in the wild in Sumatra and see lush green rice terraces, steamy jungles, endless beaches and lakes. Gaze in awe then get stuck in, get involved in wildlife conservation and live alongside a rural community to see life from a different angle.

With awe-inspiring cultural sites like Borobudur and Prambanan and epic volcanic landscapes, Java is home to some of Indonesia’s greatest treasures. Teaming up with the wildlife and buzzing urban scenes of Sumatra, you’ve got an itinerary that packs a punch in your passport.


Island home to epic volcanoes, dense forest and coast


Tropical climate with high humidity, with rainy season Oct-Apr

Did you know?

Java is just one of 17,500 islands which make up the country of Indonesia

Some of the best bits

Go wild with orangutans

One of only two places in the world you can see orangutans in the wild, head to the Bukit Lawang rehabilitation centre in Sumatra. Responsible for caring for, rehabilitating and re-releasing over 200 orangutans back into the wild, this centre are doing some pretty awesome work on behalf of this endangered species.

Find ‘devil’s gold’

See the famous blue flames of the Kawah Ijen’s acidic crater lake. Meet local workers mining sulphur from inside the crater rim. Hear their story – miners braving toxic fumes make the physical ascent of the crater every day to earn a living, suffering a shockingly low life expectancy.

Discover breathtaking Borobudur

UNESCO stamped and Challenger approved, wander through the largest Buddhist temple complex in the world. Find over 500 statues of Buddha, gaze out over the lush green valley below and marvel at 2 million blocks of lava rock. Sunset here will take your breath away.

Roam through Yogyakarta

This city is full of soul. Traditional arts and culture are treasured here. Get involved with batik, listen to traditional Javanese music, watch shadow puppet theatre, shed a tear at the Ramayana ballet. Embrace the other side of this buzzing metropolis with its modern street art, epic markets and rock concerts.

See sunrise from a summit

Hike up volcanic black sands and you’ll be rewarded with magical, surreal sunrise views. Feel mother nature rumbling, watch craters puff steam and take in the majesty of Mt Bromo and the dizzy heights of Mt Semeru, Java’s highest peak.

Best thing was the Semeru summit. It was amazing, with stunning views, and an incredible sense of achievement. We had a lot of fun the entire trip, and I wouldn’t change anything about it.”
Izzy, Challenger

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