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Your Fiji expedition. Taste tropical in prehistoric paradise

In the heart of the South Pacific, Fiji oozes adventure and is ‘the home of happiness’. We can’t disagree! Experience everything from lush mountain trekking to kicking back on beautiful beaches along the Coral Coast. With over 300 islands, invest time getting to know Viti Levu, the largest island in the Fijian archipelago. Trek through open grassland, terraced gardens and swelling waterfalls of the Koroyanitu National Park, cheer from the sidelines at a local rugby match and relax in thermal mud pools.

Renowned for their warmth and wonderful hospitality, the Fijian people will dazzle you with cheerful greetings of “Bula”, throughout your stay. Feel like one of the family, join in all sorts of activities from cooking, planting and gathering crops to learning a traditional Fijian dance. Dig deeper and get involved in conservation programs, working alongside local initiatives to protect their slice of paradise.


Beach islands, larger islands volcanic with tropical forests and mountainous


Year round tropical temperatures with rains Dec-Apr

Did you know?

The Fijian archipelago spans 322 islands but only 106 are inhabited

Some of the best bits

Make a splash in Pacific Harbour

Plunge into Fiji’s underwater world and swim among its beautiful, colour-rich coral reefs, home to more than 1,500 marine species. Swim amongst exotic fish, spot sea turtles and see dolphins and whales in the wild.

Sublime sands

Discover the Sigatoka Sand Dunes, one of Fiji’s most breathtaking coastal areas and a UNESCO World Heritage listed area. Towering up to 60m high, uncover ancient pottery in their depths and meet geckos, lizards and the endemic Fiji Bush Warbler bird.

Pineapples, papaya and prawns

Traditional Fijian food is full of flavour with sweet pineapple and ripe papaya, fresh local lagoon fish, crab, prawns and lobster. Try national specialties like Kokoda (Fijian Ceviche) and Lovo (a feast cooked underground).

Work up a sweat

Meander through the lush, sizzling forests of Koroyanitu National Park and, if you’re in need of a challenge, head up high. Hike through grassland, trek in hot, humid forest and emerge on the top of Mt Batilamu for breathtaking panoramic views.

Island hop in paradise

Marvel at Mamanucas’ pretty palm trees, crystal clear water and serene, heavenly, white beaches, so picture-perfect, they featured in the Tom Hanks film Cast Away. Lay back on the sand, dip in tropical waters and enjoy balmy sunsets over magical landscape.

“Henry has shepherded us throughout our time on the island and he embodies the qualities of the Fijian people we have met. He is joyful, kind, patient and humble. We are thankful for Henry and the rest of our hosts for making this trip so special.”
Francis Parker Team

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