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Costa Rica Expedition | World Challenge

Costa Rica

Ready to go?

Your Costa Rica expedition. Get around under your own steam.

Dive into a tropical playground brimming with brightly coloured birds and butterflies, croaking with electric green frogs and home to slow-moving sloths. Adventure here is all about getting around under your own steam. Hike on foot through lush national park rainforest, fly above the canopy on zip wires and paddle your kayak along tropical coastlines. Ride wild white water and stand up paddle board in ancient volcano craters.

Costa Rica is pure life. A school expedition here will let you pack in the adventure and give you time to slowly immerse yourself into the Costa Rican way of life. It’s an ecotourism dream, being one of the most ecologically diverse countries on the planet the country now runs almost entirely on renewable energy! Get involved in world class conservation efforts to see how it’s done and support Costa Rica’s aspiration to become a carbon neutral country.


Varied terrain from coast to cloud forest, jungle and volcanoes


Year round hot temperatures, cooler at altitude

Did you know?

25% of Costa Rica’s landmass consists of protected forests and reserves

Some of the best bits

Offset your carbon footprint

Do your bit to help Costa Rica become the world’s first carbon neutral country in the world by 2021. Get involved in a tree planting day to nurture tropical forests and learn about your impact. A single tree planted in a tropical forest can offset as much as 2 tons of carbon in it’s lifetime.

Welcome to the jungle

Trek through some of the most pristine rainforest on the planet and fall asleep to the calls of monkeys, parrots and frogs. Head into the lush cloud forest of Monteverde or out to the tropical forests of the Osa Penninsula. Whether it is a gentle introduction or a fully immersive hike you’re looking for, Costa Rica has an adventure waiting for you.

Team up to save turtles

Sign up to a conservation program to learn about efforts to protect endangered turtles then get yourself out on a night patrol to see wildlife protection in action. Work with local volunteer organisations building turtle hatcheries, working in tree nurseries and eco-gardens to try and conserve Costa Rica’s precious environment.

Cross the continental divide

With views of the Pacific and Caribbean coasts, use your leg power to hike across Costa Rica’s central mountain range and finish up with a fresh coconut on a magic stretch of white sandy beach. Cross the mighty continental divide under your own steam for a real sense of satisfaction.

Pump the adrenaline

Zip wire from tree to treetop in the Monteverde cloud forest for a hair raising experience and a different perspective of the canopy. If zip wiring is too tame, then head out stand up paddle boarding or dive into some wild white water rafting. Mix up adrenaline with cultural highlights, chocolate workshops and beach time.

“Summiting Costa Rica’s highest mountain was the most rewarding experience I’ve ever encountered. The hardship was completely surpassed by the satisfaction of reaching the top to look down at our accomplishment.”
Darcy, Challenger

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