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Your Cambodia expedition. Be present, live history.

Uncover Cambodia’s rich and complex cultural history as you dive into Angkor Wat’s jungle-clad ruins of the ancient Khmer kingdom, stroll past French colonial chic in Phnom Penh and witness the scars of the more recent Pol Pot regime. There is history here that can’t be taught in the classroom. It’s not just culture on offer during your Cambodia expedition, with steamy jungles, monkey filled forests, rice paddy fields and the beautiful Cardamom Mountains all awaiting the intrepid hiker. Live heart-warming moments with communities as you collaborate on local led initiatives to improve standards of education and access to vocational training.

Don’t miss out! Choose to combine Cambodia with highlights of neighbouring Southeast Asian countries and create an epic adventure with double the passport stamps. Take in the scene with all the of sights, sounds, smells, motorbikes and monks before your journey continues over another border.


Low, flat plains with extensive flood plains of the Mekong Delta and some mountains in the southwest and north


Tropical climate with year round warmth, monsoon season May-Sept with short, sharp rainfall

Did you know?

Tomb Raider filmmakers were charged $10,000 a day to film at Angkor Wat, which all went back into preserving the temples

Some of the best bits

See Buddha by bike

Bike and hike your way from Kulen Mountain, home to the giant reclining Buddha, down to the charming Beng Mealea temple in the jungle. Drop in on waterfalls, monasteries, bat caves and visit an Angkorian elephant statue along the way. Stay in traditional village homestays overnight for a truly authentic experience.

Wat’s going on?

Hike or bike your way through the crumbling temples of Angkor Wat, standing as a silent testimony to the grandeur of the once mighty Khmer Empire. A celebrated UNESCO World Heritage site it was once the world’s biggest city, spanning over 280 football pitches in size and built over 900 years ago, sunset here will stay with you forever.

Deep-fried ants anyone?

Devour flavours of traditional Cambodian cuisine from Khmer noodles, softly spiced curries and fried fish to the more exotic grilled octopus and deep fried red tree ants with beef and basil. Learn how to cook classic ‘bai sach chrouk’ aka ‘pork and rice’; thinly sliced pork slow grilled over warm coals to bring out it’s natural sweetness.

Find riches of the rainforest

Covering 6% of Cambodia, the Cardamom Mountains are home to rich wildlife habitats that nurture globally endangered species like Asian elephants and Malayan Sun Bears. You’d be lucky to catch a glimpse of them but you will encounter giant trees, oodles of rice paddy fields and home cooked food from rural stilted villages.

Challenge accepted

Education remains vital to the government’s drive to pull Cambodia from a low-income to a middle-income country by 2030. Get involved with grass root initiatives, led by local communities to improve access to a quality education and practical vocational training for the next generation.

“We visited the Temples of Angkor in Cambodia and watched the sun rise over the temples which was amazing! On our project, we danced and played in the rain with the school children like we were 6 again! Definitely something I’ll never forget!.”
Abby, Challenger

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