World Challenge Expedition Leader Profile


World Challenge Expedition Leaders Come from all over the globe and have so many amazing travel and leadership experiences to share! Each month we’ll be profiling a Leader and asking them about their favourite parts of the world! Read more Leader profiles on the word challenge blog

Name: Jordan Morrison

Hometown: Eildon, Victoria


What is your favourite travel destination and why?

I was raised in the US-Mexico borderlands so I grew up speaking Spanish and have an affinity for Latin American culture. I’ve travelled to Mexico probably over 20 times and can never seem to get enough of the people, culture and food. I’m not one to often repeat destinations but it’s a special place and incredibly diverse.

What destination is top of your list?

It’s always difficult for me to pick just one. My top World Challenge destination is Madagascar. For personal travel I’d like to go to either the Kamchatka Peninsula in Russia or the island of Socotra. I’m also in the midst of planning an overland cycle tour covering the length of Central America so that’s my primary focus at the moment.

Why do you choose to work for World Challenge?

Sometimes you have to watch somebody who loves something before you can feel passionate about it yourself; it’s as if they’re showing you the way. That’s how I feel about travel. I love to share that excitement and see it come out in others.

What is your most memorable World Challenge Expedition experience?

I enjoy the sea but prefer the mountains so teahouse trekking in the Annapurna region of Nepal is hard to forget. The scenery is world class. The Himalaya is a majestic and stunning mountain range- a bucket list Mecca for all mountain folk.

What piece of advice do you always offer challengers?

It’s important when travelling in the developing world to accept and not expect. This will help you cope with challenges and embrace outcomes in the best possible light.

What do you do when not leading for World Challenge?

In addition to World Challenge I also work for the Outdoor Education Group and The National Outdoor Leadership School.  When I’m not in the field I enjoy wearing cotton (not outdoor clothing). I also like photography, rock climbing, fly-fishing, cooking, riding my bicycle and living simply in my home in rural SE Australia.

What words do you live by?

Work to live, don’t live to work.  And when you do work…enjoy it.

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