Video tips #3 – Respect

The #Tell Your Story competition is a fantastic opportunity to share your best expedition videos and be in the running to win an epic polar journey with Quark Expeditions. If you need a reminder on all the T&Cs, please visit our entry details page.

Here we continue our tips and tricks to help you create the best video ever!

One the most overlooked, but most important, things to consider when making your video is respecting boundaries. You’ll be in a foreign country, with local hosts and also your team of friends. It’s really important that when filming we consider the privacy and personal space of each of these people.

Local cultures.

Stepping into another country is a big deal. You are going to see so many new and exciting things that you may want to film – including religious and historical monuments. In these areas it is important to think about what is allowed and what is respectful. For example you will not see many cameras in Tuol Sleng (S21) in Cambodia due to the confronting nature of it’s history. If you’re in a location that you’re are unsure if it’s ok to film remember; it’s ok to ask.

Local communities

You may have the opportunity to live and work with a local community on your expedition. Whilst this will be an amazing experience to film, you should remember that you may be in someone else’s home or school. How would you feel if someone came into your home and started filming you at random? Simply talking to the community host, and asking the people in the area if they are comfortable with you filming will keep you out of any awkward situations!

Your teammates

Hopefully your team will all want to get involved with your project. However, if you’ve just completed a 4 hour trek through the heat and mud, your bestie may not feel like chatting on camera. Or maybe they will  – either way, just make sure you ask their permission before hitting the record button.


Good luck and remember; if you want to be a part of the #Tellyourstory competition get your video entries in by May 2017!