Video tips #2 – Making epic videos

The #Tell Your Story competition is a fantastic opportunity to share your best expedition videos and be in the running to win an epic polar journey with Quark Expeditions. If you need a reminder on all the T&Cs, please visit our entry details page.

Over the next few months we’ll be sharing some tips and tricks to help you create the best video ever!

5 Tips for making epic videos

Start at Departure

Start building your travel story right at the start, at the airport/departure of your trip. These shots will give a nice context to your video, rather than – BANG! now we’re in Africa! This technique is often used in TV documentaries and travel movies. A word of caution though – don’t film inside the airport/ in the customs line – airport staff are definitely not keen on that!

Capture the good and the not-so-good

It’s tempting to only film the really pretty sites, like the view from a mountaintop. But what makes a good story is seeing some of how hard you worked to get to the top of that mountain! Think about your video as a journey – every journey has its highs and lows – so make sure this is represented in the video.

Think outside the box with your filming

If you haven’t used a video camera/goPro much before it’s natural that you’ll take everything at standing height, but for some really interesting shots you should get down low, or up high, or up close, or far away –mix up your shots so the end video has some varied angles!

Keep it steady

Sometimes it may work to have a moving shot when you’re walking around a city or perhaps moving through the jungle. Other times you will want a still shot, allowing the action to happen in front of the camera, rather than moving the camera with the action. This can be hard to achieve holding a camera with your hand, as it will invariably shake. Improvise a tripod by placing the camera on a table, or a stack of books to keep it steady and still when filming.

Don’t forget to put the camera away sometimes

We know you’ll want to capture every moment to make an awesome video, but sometimes you should just bury that camera in your backpack, be in the moment and make those memories in your own mind.

Good luck and remember; if you want to be a part of the #Tellyourstory competition get your video entries in by May 2017!