Video tips #1 – Music

The #Tell Your Story competition is a fantastic opportunity to share your best expedition videos and be in the running to win an epic polar journey with Quark Expeditions. If you need a reminder on all the T&Cs, please visit our entry details page.

Over the next few months we’ll be sharing some tips and tricks to help you create the best video ever! This month we look at music…


For this competition we are asking you to use unlicensed music.

What does that mean?
Well, most songs that we hear every day on the radio or on Spotify are licensed commercial tracks. That is, somebody owns them. To use these songs in your own media you need to buy the rights from the artist. Which, unless you have a phone number for Beyonce, will be kind of hard to do.

Why is this important?
Each artist has the right to protect their own music copyright. Youtube upholds these copyright laws, meaning if you post a video using licensed music, they most likely will remove either the audio component of your video, or the video entirely!

So, how do I get music then?
Well, you don’t have to make your own (unless you are very musically talented in which case you might want to!) There are plenty of royalty-free tracks available for download online. Some will have free tracks, others may charge a small fee – whether you want to spend any money is up to you. A simple google search will reveal plenty of websites, but we’ve collated a few good ones:

Youtube has a lot of free music which you can use in your video – and you are guaranteed it will be safe to use! You must be logged into your youtube account to find the audio library which is broken down into genre and moods to help you find the perfect piece!

Incompetech has a range of royalty free music, some is free, other tracks require payment. There are many tracks to go through, so try looking at their ‘Most recent’ and ‘Most popular’ playlists as a good starting point.

Free Soundtrack Music
Just what the title implies – this is a library of free soundtrack music that you can use in your videos. Tracks have really good descriptions about the mood, genre and instruments used, so you can narrow down your search without listening to 100s of sound clips!