Useful travel Apps


Apps on your smartphone or tablet can be extremely useful in the buildup to your expedition by aiding you in learning more about the country you’ll be finding your way through. Our list below is just a start – what else can you come up with?

duolingoMany of our past Challengers would agree that life would have been easier in-country if they had attempted to learn the local language before they departed on expedition. If  you’re heading to Central and South America or parts of Africa, we encourage you to download a free language app called duolingo to learn Spanish or French! The app is a fun and easy way to learn to read, write and speak a language. Check out this 45 second YouTube clip for more info on how duolingo works or click here to be taken to the duolingo website to get started.



Evernote-Logo-WallpaperKeep a checklist handy to ensure you’ve tackled all those tasks you need to get done before you leave! Evernote allows you to write notes, take photos or use sound recordings to ensure you don’t miss a thing! Check it out here.



Rome2rio-logo-whitebgChances are at some point during your expedition you’ll be in charge of transport. So why not get a head start and learn about the different options that are available to you in any country! Rome2Rio shows you how to get anywhere, including public transport links around the world. Start navigating here.