Top 5 Fitness Training Tips


By Josh Hunt

Whether you’re heading deep into the jungle or attempting to reach the summit of a mountain, you want to make sure you’re in good physical fitness so your experience is the very best it can be! We asked our leaders for some of their best tips about exercise and training to get you ready for expedition.

1. Incidental exercise is a great way to start fitness training without having to change your routine too much.

The idea is to make small changes in your lifestyle that, when consistently done over a long period of time, promote fitness. Some good examples would be:

  • Take the stairs whenever you can instead of escalators and lifts.
  • Bike or walk instead of using the car to get to school, shops or your friend’s house.
2. Try and link your fundraising with your fitness. Why not tick two boxes at once and make some money whilst you get fit?
  • Find jobs that promote exercise such as; dog walking, putting out all your local street’s wheelie bins  or even leaflet drops.
  • Organise a sponsored fitness challenge. This is a great team achievement and something that people would be more likely to sponsor you for.
    A catchy idea and exciting posters are more enticing than just running laps around an oval; you could even keep people informed of your progress via social media or a team blog For example:
    – Travelling to Vietnam? Its 6,715Km from Melbourne to Ho Chi Minh City, if you have a team of 15 people walking 1.2km a day for a year your team will of walked the distance to Vietnam!
3. Working with other members of your team is a great way to not only promote teamwork but having training partners will also increase your motivation.
  • Organise a weekly walk after school or on the weekend. You could also bring some food and have a team picnic afterwards!
  • If there are multiple teams travelling from your school, you could have a competitive sports event each week. Change the sport you play regularly so that all members of the team have a chance to shine. Include some non-fitness challenges occasionally as well (we all need a rest week) such as video games, board games or quizzes.



4. Incorporate some motivational hacks.
  • “I’ve always been a fan of exercise you can do for free in front of the television. Press ups, sit ups and planks can all build core/upper body strength and don’t require much time/money.” Dave
  • “If you can motivate yourself to do morning exercise then this gets it out the way and sets you up for the day it also leaves your evenings free.” Mark
  • “Prepping your sports gear in a little pile next to the bed makes it that bit easier to get up and get out when the alarm goes off.” Ollie
5. Technology can be a great aid in your fitness goals.
  • MapMyrun(free Android and iOS), They also have a ride and walk version.
    This is a fitness tracking application that enables you to use the built-in GPS of your mobile device to track all of your fitness activities. Record your work out details, including duration, distance, pace, speed, elevation, calories burned, and route travelled on an interactive map.
  • Nike+ training (free Android and iOS)
    Get easy-to-follow guidance through every drill, every workout and each personalized training plan. Share and compare with your friends and the Nike+ community, and stay motivated with your ultimate personal trainer. Includes workouts from many real world athletes.
  • Zombies, Run! (free with optional subscription for all content. Android and iOS)
    Zombies, Run! Is an immersive running game and audio adventure, every run becomes a mission where you’re the hero. With an immersive audio drama putting you at the centre of your very own zombie adventure story.
  • Smiling Minds (free Android and iOS)
    Don’t forget your mental fitness and ability to deal with stresses on expedition. This is a modern meditation app-based program developed by psychologists and educators to help bring balance to people’s lives. Just as we eat well and stay fit to keep our body healthy, meditation is about mental health and looking after the mind.

Fitness training doesn’t have to be complicated. If you want to you can always just put on your boots, add some weight to your pack and go for a walk! Whatever form of exercise you decide to do, record it in a diary/fitness journal or app and look back on it every few weeks. Seeing what you have achieved makes you more motivated to keep going!