Ten Steps to a Successful Fundraising Event!

The summer holiday period gives you a lot of time to plan and organise your fundraising endeavours. Whilst it may seem daunting to hold a larger event like a trivia night, movie night or games day, often these types of events will yield much bigger fundraising results!

We’ve put together a list of steps to kickstart your fundraising event planning these holidays!

  1. What event?
    The first thing to decide is what you are going to host! You’ll find some great ideas on My World Challenge and the World Challenge Facebook fundraising group but you could also try asking your friends and family what kind of event they would like to attend.
  2. Details are key!
    Next – you will need to work out all the details for the event such as date, time and place. When setting a date make sure you leave enough time to plan and organise – you don’t want to underestimate and feel rushed beforehand!
  3. Budget.
    You will need to create a detailed list of all the event requirements and how much they will cost you. These can include location, food and drink, entertainment, invitations or advertising and prizes for raffles or games. You can ask if anyone will be willing to offer their goods or services for the event.
  4. Decide how much will you charge.
    Think about how much profit you want to make, how much money you will need to spend to run the event, and work out how much you will charge from there. Although you will want to make your event as affordable for as many people as possible, remember that the main goal of the event is to raise money for your trip!
  5. How will you make money?
    Other than the main entry fee you may want to set up secondary money raisers during an event, for example; selling raffle tickets during a trivia night.
  6. People Power!
    Ensure you have enough helping hands to run the event on the day. Ask your parents/relatives and friends if they are willing to help in different roles during the event.
  7. Plan a timeline.
    Develop a timeline to know when important tasks are due and who is responsible. This will help keep your event on schedule!
  8. Get the word out!
    How will you advertise your event? Will you create a flyer or perhaps an email invite? Will you create a Facebook group event or rely on word of mouth? Think about your audience and where they will be able to best access the information about your event.
  9. Enjoy yourself!
    Make sure that during your event you have some fun and be proud of your hard work!
  10. Remember to say thank you!
    Acknowledge everyone who participated in your event, let them know how much their support meant to you and how much you appreciated their help!

    Good Luck!