Good planning and  preparation is the key to a successful expedition!

We believe that preparing for your World Challenge expedition is as important as the expedition itself, teaching students life skills such as teamwork and money management and increasing fitness.

Our expert staff are here to support you through the planning & preparation process from the minute you sign up until the day when you return from your trip with a life-changing sense of achievement.

Your dedicated World Challenge Team

Program Development Managers – Will introduce the program to your school and help you get a team of students together.

Program Coordinators – Once you have a team formed we offer one point of contact for the school for the rest of the program. Program Coordinators will run team meetings in school and ensure Challengers are fully prepared.

Expedition Leaders – Expedition Leaders help facilitate the students’ growth whilst overseeing the safety of the team in-country.


We’re here to help with practical advice and organised events to help you raise funds to offset expedition costs. World Challenge Fundraising Events, including Fun Runs, 3 on 3 Basketball Competitions and the World Challenge Amazing Race, are held in major cities over the course of your build-up.

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We run a series of face-to-face meetings and events to keep everyone up to speed with expedition preparations:

Launch Meeting

In this first meeting the team gets to know each other and are introduced to their Program Coordinator. The expedition program and the support we offer are discussed, and the Challengers have a chance to brainstorm and plan their fundraising ideas together.

Challenge Meeting

The team discuss their perfect itinerary and also work through exercises in negotiation and team work. More is learnt about the destination and what can be expected in-country.

Expedition Skills Meeting

This meeting is designed to assist the challengers in preparation for their Training Expedition. The meeting explains the details of the Training Expedition as well as highlighting the purpose and aims of the trip.

Training Expedition

This is a camping experience for challengers that develops essential practical skills for expedition life. Run by our team of experienced instructors it covers risk management, hygiene, safety, cooking and camp craft.

Expedition Planning Conference

This is a one-day event for School Leaders, Expedition Leaders and assistants to learn more about your expedition destination, The World Challenge Operations Room, emergency procedures and scenario sessions to prepare you for the adventure ahead. It combines a series of key lectures and interactive workshops with an update on medical issues and the World Challenge medical kit. It’s a great chance to chat to fellow school staff on the expedition and to meet your key contacts at World Challenge.

Pre – Departure Check

This meeting before departure ensures the team are fully prepared. It is compulsory for everyone who is going on the expedition, including teachers. The team does a full kit, equipment and documentation check. The leader goes over a number of key safety messages and discusses team rules and roles for the first phase of the trip.


My World Challenge is a dedicated online portal where students, parents, teachers and Expedition Leaders can access and share information on their expedition.

My World Challenge is also where we post important checklists and updates to keep the team on task and prepared throughout their build up journey.

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  • Over 25 years’ experience of creating school expeditions
  • Dedicated regional support for teachers throughout planning and build up
  • Unparalleled safety and support throughout the expedition
  • Knowledgeable, experienced and highly trained Expedition Leaders
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