Acclimatise to the exciting new sights and sounds of your destination!

The acclimatisation phase makes up the first part of your expedition. Many destinations offer short introductory treks so you can ease your way into the expedition and prepare for the physical challenges ahead.

You may want to carry your backpack to get used to exertion in a new climate before starting the more physical trekking or project phases. It’s also a chance for the students to take control and start to get to grips with team roles such as leader, accountant and transport team


Spend some time at the start of your expedition finding your feet in your destination. Completing tasks such as buying a local mobile, exchanging money and confirming bookings, helps you adjust to your surroundings. The aim of this phase is to get used to the new culture and climate you find yourself in and to start to work through the itinerary as a team.



Typically, teams complete a short trek to ease into the physical exertion and teamwork required later in the expedition. This may be a shorter version of your main trek or could take place in a different area. Depending on the number of options available you can decide:

  • The level of acclimatisation trek, e.g. gentle or more challenging.
  • The duration of the trek, e.g. day treks or overnight journeys. Typical acclimatisation trek duration: 1-3 days

Exploring Local Culture

Take a few days to adapt to the culture shock. You may have the opportunity to visit a local market and interact with the locals. Learning a few words in the local language will go a long way! Teams also use this time to make contact with their in-country agent and plan the next exciting leg of their journey, booking accommodation and travel arrangements.

Top Tip: Make the most of this phase, as getting your bearings early on will help you get the most out of your expedition!

North India Acclimatisation

Leh sits 3,505m above sea level in the Himalayas, India. The hill areas around Leh provide excellent opportunities for day treks and allow you to get used to the altitude in preparation for your main trek.

Oriental Explorer Acclimatisation

As the former royal capital of the historic Kingdom of Lanna, Chiang Mai in Thailand is bursting with cultural significance and things to do. Take a stroll around the ancient city walls, visit somes of the countless wats or shops at the renowned night market.

Laos Acclimatisation

The Phou Khao Khuay trek gives you a fantastic opportunity to get off the beaten track and explore spectacular sandstone cliffs, mountains, river gorges and jungle.



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