South East Asia

Borneo Expedition

Enjoy spectacular trekking in a variety of stunning locations. Explore the lush green jungle in the some of the world’s oldest rainforest or tackle the summit of Mt Kinabalu! Assist in both community projects and conservation initiatives. Relax by the stunning coastline and experience the unique and diverse Malaysian culture.

Cambodia Expedition

Discover one of the least developed countries in Asia on an inspiring Cambodia expedition. Despite recovering from one of the most savage civil upheavals in history, Cambodia is a country with a smile on its face. The crumbling temples of Angkor stand as a silent testimony to the grandeur of the once mighty Khmer Empire. Meanwhile get off the beaten track and trek in one of the most remote jungle areas visited by World Challenge teams.

Java Expedition

Located at the very heart of Indonesia, Java is an island of breathtaking scenery and mesmerising cultural sites. This Java expedition is for teams who want an adventure! Trek to the brim of one of Java’s towering volcanoes or within one of the beautiful national parks. This school trip can be combined with a brilliant community-based project plus a visit to awe-inspiring cultural sites such as Borobudur.

Laos Expedition

On this Laos expedition your team will discover the untamed natural beauty of Laos’ remote river valleys, home to tranquil hill tribe settlements and serene Buddhist temples. Live and work alongside the inhabitants of rural Lao villages, and trek the steaming jungles of the Bolaven Plateau. Prepare for a school trip adventure in Laos, one of the last untouched corners of South East Asia.

Malaysia Expedition

Discover the spectacular Peninsular Malaysia. Experience exciting trekking in a variety of locations including old colonial hill stations and through deep jungle in some of the world’s oldest rainforest! On a Malaysia expedition you will also participate in community or conservation projects and explore the magical Perhentian Islands. Wherever you are, you’ll experience the unique Malaysian culture and receive a very warm welcome!

Myanmar Expedition

Slowly emerging after years of political isolation, Myanmar is one of the last great frontiers in the exploration of mainland South-East Asia. Steeped with history, it is home to one of the most spectacular concentrations of religious monuments on earth, a poignant relic of a once mighty empire in what is now one of the least developed countries in the region. A Myanmar expedition is your adventure waiting to happen.

Oriental Explorer Expedition

Prepare yourselves to cover some serious ground in the adventure of a lifetime! From the bustling markets of Thailand, to the majestic sweep of Ha Long Bay, Vietnam; via the steaming jungles of remotest Laos, and the ancient tea plantations of China’s Yunnan Province, this Oriental Explorer expedition will give an insight into South-East Asia in all it’s glorious diversity.

Thailand Expedition

An Thailand expedition is a true feast for the senses. Discover the art of surviving in the jungle on challenging treks, get stuck into a remote community project, relax on picture-perfect beaches, visit hill tribe villages, explore grand palaces and serene temples, mooch around bustling markets and take in the fascinating culture of Thailand!

Vietnam Expedition

Vietnam is a country of sprawling cities, steaming jungles, and remote, mountainous massifs. Vietnam expedition options options include highland trekking in the North between minority hill tribe villages, steamy lowland forests and the World Heritage Site of Ha Long Bay. Alternatively, teams can choose to visit the South, exploring the Mekong Delta, pineforests and jungle of the Central Highlands, the imperial capital of Hue and the Ho Chi Minh Trail. A truly cultural destination.