South & Central America

Bolivia Expedition

Bolivia is one of the more adventurous school trip destinations in South America, and anyone who joins a Bolivia expedition will remember their experience for many years to come. Challenge yourself with adventurous high altitude trekking or explore the jungle lowlands of the Amazon Basin. Experience the strong indigenous Indian culture. Choose to visit Lake Titicaca to the North or the spectacular Salt Pans to the South of the country.

Costa Rica Expedition

‘Pura vida’ or pure life sums up Costa Rica – the world’s most biologically diverse country. From spectacular wildlife, lush cloud forest, a rugged mountainous interior, and huge stretches of both Caribbean and Pacific coasts, this Costa Rica expedition has to be one of our most fascinating school trip destinations. For some well deserved rest and relaxation, your team can head to the sea!

Costa Rica & Nicaragua Expedition

Costa Rica and Nicaragua is the world’s most biologically diverse region. This school trip offers spectacular wildlife, volcanoes, cloudforest, a rugged mountainous interior, lush coastal rainforest and huge stretches of both Caribbean and Pacific coasts. With some fantastic community and conservation projects, as well as the chance to trek on the volcanoes of Nicaragua or at altitude in the Highlands of Costa Rica, this Costa Rica and Nicaragua expedition has it all!

Ecuador Expedition

Ecuador is an extremely diverse destination with something to satisfy the tastes and interests of everyone. Although one of the smallest South American countries, it is packed with contrasts of landscape and culture. Trekking options on an Ecuador expedition include a four-day trek in the cloud forest or the Andean mountains, or the ultimate Cotopaxi challenge. There are numerous national parks in Ecuador, home to an incredible variety of animals, birds and plant life. This school trip has the possibility of being as challenging as a team wishes their expedition to be. The country is home to many different ethnic groups, creating a fascinating and mixed culture which teams will be able to see and experience first hand.

Ecuador & Galapagos Expedition

Although one of the smallest South American countries, Ecuador is packed with contrasts of landscape and culture. On an Ecuador & Galapagos expedition you may wake up in the steamy Amazon rainforest, soak up the Andean culture and spectacular volcanoes by lunchtime, and reach the exuberating coast by sunset! To top it off, you will then take a once in a lifetime visit to the Galápagos Islands, located 1000 kilometres off the coast. The volcanic Islands have been described as a “living laboratory of evolution” and are home to dozens of species not found anywhere else on earth. An unforgettable school trip opportunity!

Peru Expedition

Peru boasts diverse environments of vast Amazonian lowlands, the Andes mountains and a narrow strip of coastal plain, the largest indigenous population of all the South American countries and a fascinating cultural heritage. Northern Peru expeditions trek in the challenging snow-capped Andes, explore the amazing ‘lost city’ of Machu Picchu and visit Lake Titicaca and the Ballestas Islands. Challengers in Southern Peru will really get off the tourist trail whilst trekking in the Cordillera Blanca and exploring the jungle by dug-out canoe. Project work may include helping villages to construct or renovate community buildings or working in an orphanage or a local village school.