Continental Asia

China Expedition

This China expedition explores a country of rich cultural heritage, spectacular scenery and great contrasts from striking mountains to remote valley townships and beautiful rice terraced landscapes. Discover dazzling metropolis cities and get off the beaten track to explore the low-lying trails of the southern provinces offering beautiful mountainous regions, snow capped peaks, jade green lakes, sacred mountains and lush forest. The rice terraced landscapes of Guilin and Yangshuo in Guangxi can also be explored, discovering village life in its traditional form.

India South Expedition

Experience a fantastic, adventurous school trip and immerse yourself in the diverse culture of vibrant South India. Options on this South India Expedition include trekking through the tea and spice plantations, exploring temples, trying out the incredible local foods including the delicious Keralan banana leaf feast, floating through lush Keralan waterways on a traditional houseboat, getting a close up experience with the magnificent Asian elephants, as well as getting involved with a number of great projects that will allow you to really make an impact on local rural communities.

Mongolia Expedition

Vast open rolling steppes, mountains and stunning lakes make Mongolia a truly stunning expedition destination. You’ll travel on foot and horseback, and experience incredible hospitality in the nomadic gers, or yurts. A Mongolia expedition also offers superb opportunities to get involved in cultural exchange projects with rural communities and schools.

Nepal Expedition

Nepal is a traveller’s dream. With its rich Buddhist culture, friendly hosts and spectacular trekking opportunities, this school destination can’t disappoint! From the lakeside shores of sleepy Pokhara to the vibrant and cultural capital of Kathmandu with opportunities for safaris, rafting and project work, a Nepal expedition has an itinerary for every team.

India North Expedition

Discover the amazing diversity of incredible India! North India is an amazing destination with a plethora of stunning trekking options. These include challenging treks into the high Himalayas contrasted with the lush Kullu Valley filled with majestic hills covered with forest. There are also a variety of rewarding projects located in village communities that will allow you to immerse yourself in the local culture, whilst rest & recreation possibilities include white water rafting trip, or a chance to watch the sun rise over the iconic Taj Mahal!

Sri Lanka Expedition

A Sri Lanka expedition is largely community project focussed, based in local schools on the south coast or in the central Hill Country. They also offer fantastic trekking options and great opportunities for cultural exchange. On this school trip there is also the chance to take day walks in the lush Hill Country, see the local wildlife on a jeep safari, go white water rafting and visit sites of cultural interest such as the three ancient cities of Sri Lanka.

The Silk Route Expedition

Embark on a school trip that encompasses the ancient Silk Route through Central Asia. The Silk Route expedition features Uzbekistan’s exotic bazaars, spell-binding architecture, camel trekking in the desert, and friendly home-stays, perfect for those seeking adventure. And that’s before we mention the world-class mountain treks in neighbouring Kyrgyzstan! Rewarding project opportunities and the chance to explore the stunning Silk Route cities of Samarkand and Bukhara will ensure a lifetime of memories.