A month in Nepal with 14 students…


The following post was shared by Cavendish Road SHS School Leader Tom Fisher. Thank you for your amazing words!

I read this passage to the students in the airport in Bangkok and pretty much summarises how I felt about the trip away to Nepal for a month with 14 students.

“Despite the fact that eating, sleeping, living and travelling with ‘anyone’ for the 24 days is often challenging, the students have all been a pleasure to take on the trip. There have been a few hurdles along the way including, sickness, tiredness, grumpiness, indecisiveness, home-sickness, and the occasional nasty comment’ within the group. Despite these small hurdles, the students were really well behaved and I’m very proud of the way they represented themselves, their families, our school and Australian travellers in general. I’ve been very proud to have witnessed all of you, ‘the students’, grow so much throughout the trip.

Speaking from my own experiences, I believe it is an amazing thing to travel and to experience different things and acquire new knowledge of how the world works. By acquiring new knowledge and understanding, it allows us to be more tolerant of others, a lot more open to new ideas and it expands our own view and perspective of the world around us. I feel really lucky to have not only experienced these things myself throughout this trip but to have witnessed 14 young people (students) who I see on a daily/weekly basis go through this process right in front or beside of me. It has been an incredible experience to watch you all figure out how the world works, and how big the world really can be outside of Brisbane, Australia. I hope that you have all learnt new things about the world and are now more tolerant, kind, thoughtful and independent people than before. I really hope that if nothing else, this trip has sparked your interest to want to travel and explore more of the world around us in years to come. Because if there are more people who actually understand how the worlds works and there are more people that are kind, thoughtful, tolerant and independent, the the whole world will be a better place.

Once again, thank you for letting me take you on this once in a life time journey. Thank you also to all of the parents that made this possible for your children. I hope I have helped in some small way and allowed you all to become a better version of yourself.”

Mr Fisher