Rich with history, stunning landscapes for trekking and rewarding community based projects, a Myanmar expedition is your school trip adventure waiting to happen.

Slowly emerging after years of political isolation, Myanmar is one of the last great frontiers in the exploration of mainland South-East Asia. It is home to one of the most spectacular concentrations of religious monuments on earth, a poignant relic of a once mighty empire.

As one of the least developed countries in the region, Myanmar has some truly rewarding projects where you can make a real impact on local communities, and immerse yourself in an unforgettable cultural experience.


Here are just some of the incredible experiences you can choose from for your Myanmar expedition:


Make your way via Kalaw to begin a trek that will take you through stunning hill country dotted with traditional villages. Arriving at the shores of Inle you’ll have the chance to take in the lake’s famed natural beauty, and perhaps glimpse the handy skills of the Intha people who live upon it.

Community Projects

Making a Difference

Myanmar remains a country with a need for development, with the average person making little more than 3USD a day and as much as a third of children under 5 suffering from malnutrition. Teams will have the opportunity to engage with home-grown local welfare initiatives, perhaps even working with monks in one of the country’s Buddhist temples.


Head into Myanmar’s far north-east to experience firsthand the diverse tribal cultures of the surrounding hills. The journey itself is an adventure; if you don’t have a head for heights then looking to the horizon is recommended when crossing the Goteik Viaduct railway bridge, a hair-raising engineering marvel!

Rest & Relaxation

There is no shortage of local markets in Myanmar, so picking up a memento for those unlucky enough to be left back at home shouldn’t pose a problem! The incredible temples of Bagan are also guaranteed to provide some amazing photo opportunities for even the most amateur of snappers.


Myanmar Expedition Factfile

  • Myanmar, South East Asia
  • Population: 82.8 million.
  • Languages spoken: Burmese.
  • Time zone: GMT +6:30.
  • Terrain: Jungle, uplands and river deltas.
  • Climate: Myanmar’s south-west monsoon brings hot (around 35°C), humid weather with sporadic but intense downpours from May through until October. After this time rains recede, with relatively comfortable temperatures (in the low 30°C range) through until February. From March the temperatures build again as the rainy season again approaches, and temperatures of 40°C and even above are not uncommon.
  • Expedition Physical Rating: Medium to high.
  • Expedition Duration: 28 days.
  • Culture Shock: High.
  • Typical accommodation: Hostels, guesthouses and village homestays.
  • Ideal for: An incredible cultural experience, fantastic jungle trekking.

Things to Know

  • You may also hear Myanmar referred to as Burma (its name under British colonisation). There has been historically been some debate over which name is best used to refer to the country, with Myanmar being adopted when the country was still controlled by a military council or junta. Most sources now refer to ‘Myanmar’, though you’d be unlikely to cause offence using either.
  • Rice and green tea are accompaniments to almost every meal in Myanmar.
  • Myanmar’s population comprises over 130 ethnic groups from 8 broad peoples; the Bamar, Chin, Kachin, Kayah, Kayin, Mon Rakhine and Shan.
  • Myanmar is mostly a Theravada Buddhist country. Here, you will also find other religions such as Buddhists, Hindus, Taoists, Muslims and Christians.


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Rest & Relaxation


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