Enjoy spectacular trekking in a variety of locations including old colonial hill stations and through deep jungle in some of the world’s oldest rainforest! Assist in both community projects and conservation initiatives, experience the unique and diverse Malaysian culture, and finish off the perfect school trip relaxing by the stunning coastline.

Malaysia consists of two similarly sized regions separated by the South China Sea in South East Asia. It is renowned for its ancient, lush rainforests, the white sandy beaches of its beautiful islands, and a rich mix of cultural and historical attractions. It is one of 17 megadiverse countries on earth, featuring a huge number of endemic species including the proboscis monkey.

A Malaysia expedition is suited for fit teams who are looking to experience the thrill of trekking through some of the world’s oldest jungle environments and make a difference by participating in community development and conservation programs.


Here are just some of the incredible experiences you can choose from for your Malaysia expedition:


Cameron Highlands

The lush green hills and white waterfalls of the Cameron Highlands take their name from a British government surveyor, William Cameron, who set off on a mapping expedition to the Titiwangsa Range and came upon the Highlands.

The amazing fertility of the region led to tea production here by British settlers from the late 1880s to the early 1900s, while the altitude of the region (around 1,800m) meant many British families stationed in Malaysia took to the hills to escape the heat of the plantations and tin mines on lower ground.

Community Project

Making a Difference

Whether it’s conservation or community project work you want to get involved with, Malaysia has it all. You can interact with disabled children and young adults, or assist a local dive centre with their ongoing turtle conservation efforts – the choice is up to you.

Malaysia Project Case Study –

Bentong (Grace Commission)

Grace Commission Community (GCC) commenced in November 2010 with the overall objective of building a boarding school at Bentong, Pahang. GCC’s vision is to give socio-economically disadvantaged Orang Asli children the skills to become future leaders of Malaysia. Children will be taught daily living skills; lessons will include topics such as maintaining personal hygiene, cooking and doing personal chores. The children are temporarily residing in a nearby community centre until the boarding school is complete. Since November 2011, World Challenge teams have helped clear and level jungle land, construct a new school and help build and maintain access routes.

Last year, World Challenge sent 22 teams to 8 different project sites in Malaysia. These teams’ achievements include comencing the build of a community boarding school, and assisting with turtle and elephant conservation programs.


Get into the Wild!

Experience the thrill of trekking through some of the world’s oldest jungle environments. Treks will typically last between 4-7 days and will provide you with an amazing opportunity to spend time exploring both primary and secondary jungle. You will learn how to set up jungle camps as well as receiving some interesting lessons in jungle survival from your guides.

Taman Negara National Park

The wilderness of the Taman Negara National Park is approximately 130 million years old, one of the planet’s oldest and most biologically diverse tropical rainforest ecosystems. Spanning over 4,343 square kilometres, it’s often called Malaysia’s ‘green lungs’, and it’s home to the giant Rafflesia – the world’s largest flower – numerous orchids, Asian elephants and even the Asian tiger.

Kenong Rimba State Park

The Kenong Rimba State Park is nature undisturbed, comprising stunning lowland forests and riverine vegetation that borders the Taman Negara National Park. It supports an intricate and diverse eco-system abundant in ferns, wild orchids, gigantic ficus trees, water lillies as well as wildlife including monkeys, wild pigs, tapirs mouse deers, flying foxes and river otters.

Rest & Relaxation

Chill out in an island paradise!

Head North to relax on some of Malaysia’s beautiful white sand beaches. There will be plenty of opportunities to feast on the local food, and play sport or just chill out on the beautiful beaches. Alternatively, teams can head back to the vibrant capital city of Kuala Lumpur. Take in a bird’s eye view from the top of the 88-storey Petronas Towers, feast on the delicious local cuisine and indulge in a bit of shopping.


Malaysia Expedition Factfile

  • Malaysia, South East Asia
  • Population: 29.3 million
  • Languages spoken: Malay is the official language but English, Chinese dialect and Tamil, plus other indigenous languages, are spoken
  • Time zone: GMT +8
  • Terrain: Jungle & coast
  • When can I travel there?: Expeditions possible all year round. (Trekking may be restricted in some areas during the rainy season Oct-Feb).
  • Climate: Malaysia averages year-round temperatures of between 27°-32°C, with a relative humidity of around 80% for much of the year. Rain occurs throughout the year usually in the form of afternoon showers. There is an rainy season from Oct-Feb
  • Expedition Physical Rating: Moderate
  • Expedition Duration: 28 days
  • Culture Shock: Medium
  • Typical accommodation: Hostels and tents
  • Ideal for: Spectacular trekking in jungles and rainforests

Things to Know

  • Malaysians have their own indigenous tribes, collectively known as Orang Asli. Traditionally, the Orang Asli spend their lives in the jungle.
  • The local jungle guides have a wealth of knowledge. Ask them to show you some of their jungle skills.
  • When trekking through the jungle ‘Do as the locals do’.
  • Malaysia boasts a huge biodiversity including mountains, rainforest, mangroves and beaches and many endemic species including the proboscis monkey.
  • Malaysia has its own indigenous people, the Orang Asli, the majority of whom spend their entire lives in the jungle.
  • Many believe that the jungle of Kenong Rimba and Taman Negara is older than the Amazon!

In-Country Agent

Mandy Lee

Mandy has travelled extensively in Malaysia, Borneo, Singapore, Thailand, Laos, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Australia, New Zealand and Canada. Mandy speaks English, Bahasa Malaysia and basic Mandarin and, when not working for World Challenge, she is a naturalist. Mandy’s most useful phrase is ‘learning never stops’.

Combine With

Borneo & Peninsular Malaysia

Discover two of South East Asia’s most spectacular destinations; Peninsular Malaysia and the island of Malaysian Borneo. Experience the excitement of trekking through the jungle, participate in some brilliant community and/or conservation based projects, visit the orangutans in Borneo or visit the magical Perhentian Islands in Malaysia. Wherever you are you will experience the unique and diverse Malaysian culture and receive a very warm welcome!


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