Go on a school trip adventure in untamed Laos! On this Laos expedition you will trek through an incredible landscape of natural beauty that is home to thousands of small, tranquil hill tribe villages and serene Buddhist temples. In one of these villages your team will live and work alongside the inhabitants on a rewarding community based project.

Laos has a relatively undeveloped infrastructure, with many areas still accessible only by boat. With the Mekong forming the main artery of the country, the expedition is likely to include numerous river journeys as well as trekking in some of the pristine, unspoilt jungle that the hills of the north has to offer.


Here are just some of the incredible experiences you can choose from for your Laos expedition:


Phou Khao Khuay trek

Away from the tourist trail, this trek gives you a fantastic opportunity to get off the beaten track and explore spectacular sandstone cliffs, mountains, river gorges and jungle. You get to cook meals on open fires and camp.

Community Projects

Making a Difference

Teams working in Laos have the opportunity to embed themselves in rural Lao communities and undertake genuine infrastructure improvement work. Projects in the past have included the construction of a primary school classroom and the undertaking of preparatory work to connect electricity to a secondary school.

Lao Project Case Study –

Building a Primary School

2012 was the first year that we worked with Nong Sai Village and we sent over seven teams to help start constructing a primary school for the local children. The types of tasks that needed doing were mixing cement, bricklaying, plastering and assembling desks and chairs. This project will greatly enhance the lives of the local children for many years to come.

Lao Project Case Study –

Support a Community

Three World Challenge teams first visited Hadkhor Village in 2012. Over 400 people live here and they rely heavily on the natural resources in the surrounding forest areas. Teams helped build a secondary mountain water source route to their existing reservoir-containment unit and the work included digging trenches, installing water pipes and teaching local children basic English.


Trek out into the wilds of the Xe Pian national Protected Area to put your skills to the test. Pitch your hammock under the dense canopy as you head deep into the jungle for the challenge of the lifetime. Your expert guides will provide you jungle-craft tips along the way!

Rest & Relaxation

Head to the tranquil and incredibly relaxing Si Phan Don (Four Thousand Islands) or explore Luang Prabang, a stunning, laid-back jungle town on the banks of the Mekong. Enjoy the French colonial architecture in this UNESCO World Heritage site, which is the home of Son, our Laos In-Country Agent.


Laos Expedition Factfile

  • Laos, South East Asia
  • Population: 6.6 million.
  • Languages spoken: Official language is Lao but French, English and various ethnic languages are spoken.
  • Time zone: GMT +7.
  • Terrain: Pine forests, mountains, jungle and riverbanks (Mekong).
  • When can I travel there?: All year round (though trekking will be more challenging in the monsoon season between May-Oct).
  • Climate: During the cool season (Nov-Feb) temperatures are generally under 30°C. They increase during the hot season (Mar-Apr) to an average of 33°-35°C, whilst the Monsoon season (May-Oct) features high temperatures and rain.
  • Expedition Physical Rating: Medium to high.
  • Expedition Duration: 28 days.
  • Culture Shock: High.
  • Typical accommodation: Hostels, tents and hill tribe stilt houses.
  • Ideal for: A rich cultural experience away from the tourist route.

Things to Know

  • Do your research on the temples you want to see, and in what order you want to see them at Angkor Wat, then shop around for the best deal on a guide that can show you the way.
  • You will hear people in Laos refer to P.D.R. time…not People’s Democratic Republic, but Please Don’t Rush! Try to be patient and always leave plenty of time to catch transport!
  • Laotians believe that the head is the most sacred part of the body so avoid touching people anywhere above the shoulders.
  • There are over 100 ethnic peoples in Laos, the largest group being the Lao Loum or “Lowland Lao”.
  • The Plain of Jars is an area where hundreds of stone jars lie scattered with unknown origin or purpose. They vary in size but some weigh up to 600kg!
  • 80 per cent of all Laotian work is in agriculture.

In-Country Agent

A former Challenger himself, Tom’s first experience of travel was in 2009 to Thailand and Laos with World Challenge. Since then, he split his time between backpacking and studying at University. On completing Uni he realised quickly that his desire was to make Southeast Asia his home. After extensively travelling around the region, from Sumatra to Shanghai, he settled in the town of Luang Prabang two years ago, where he works on development projects that benefit rural Lao communities.

Combine With

Laos can easily be combined with a trek in Thailand or Vietnam, or a project phase in Cambodia. Visit these pages for more information.


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Your students choose activities from any of the following phases:
Rest & Relaxation


Every World Challenge starts long before your students step on a plane. With our support, develop life skills and take ownership of:

  • Destination and itinerary planning
  • Fundraising ideas and events
  • Budgeting and money management
  • Preparation, fitness and nutrition
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