China is one of Asia’s most unusual and compelling school trip destinations. Situated in eastern Asia, bounded by the Pacific Ocean in the east and the Tibetan plateau in the west, China is the third largest country in the world. China is a country of rich cultural heritage, spectacular scenery and great contrasts. More accessible than ever before, visitors join the few westerners who have experienced both the modern and ancient faces of this alluring destination.

Known as the ‘Middle Kingdom’, China has a long and dramatic history and offers an endless diversity of cultural treasures. It is likely that a China expedition will explore the low-lying trails of the southern provinces offering beautiful mountainous regions, snow capped peaks, jade green lakes, sacred mountains and lush forest. The beautiful rice terraced landscapes of Guilin and Yangshuo in Guangxi can also be explored, discovering village life in its traditional form.


Here are just some of the incredible experiences you can choose from for your China expedition:


Depending on the time of year you depart you could explore the low-lying trails of the southern provinces or popular Buddhist mountains in the north and immerse yourself in local Chinese culture.

Community Projects

Teams may assist in a rural primary school interacting with local children, playing games and teaching English or work on sustainable organic farming with an opportunity to learn traditional farming techniques from the locals.

China Project Case Study –

Chengdu Urban Rivers Association

We started working with Chengdu Urban Rivers Association (CURA) in 2011 and previous teams have helped CURA’s staff to clear drainage ditches to create an irrigation system for the on-site gardens and farm. CURA’s staff also enjoy teaching teams how to make traditional dishes, such as Chinese dumplings.

With a population of 1.3 Billion people, China has the highest population in the world. It is also large enough to occupy 5 different time zones, though insists on having only 1.


China offers a range of breathtaking trekking options. Discover the picturesque area around Tiger Leaping Gorge and the remote low-lying villages in the area with a chance to learn about local customs. Explore one of China’s most beautiful mountain landscapes, stunning scenery and learn about local Tibetan Buddhist culture in the Tăgōng Grasslands area (also called Mount Jola loop) on a five-day trek.

Alternatively, head for Emei Shan, the highest of four sacred Buddhist mountains in China. As you climb the trail you’ll see pilgrims making their way to the mountainside temples. The Wannian Temple is the oldest, dating back many centuries, and dedicated to the protector of the mountain, the Bodhisattva Puxian. Look out for the statue of an elephant here; it’s said to bring good luck if you rub its hind leg!

Rest & Relaxation

Explore China’s cultural wonders, the bright lights of Hong Kong or go rafting!

China has lots to offer for your rest and relaxation phase from drifting down the Li River on a bamboo raft in Yangshuo and exploring tea houses in Chengdu to the Star Ferry ride in Hong Kong or the Giant Buddha of Leshan.

Bamboo rafting on the Li River

Hop on a simple bamboo raft and enjoy a journey along the peaceful Yulong River. This activity provides a perfect combination of relaxation, adventure and the opportunity to see some absolutely stunning scenery.

Explore Hong Kong

Hong Kong is a unique destination offering an exciting blend of ancient Chinese heritage and British colonial influences amidst a bustling metropolis. Experience the breathtaking city skylines, rustic villages and the beautiful harbour.


China Expedition Factfile

  • China, Asia.
  • Population: 1.3 Billion.
  • Languages spoken: Mandarin is spoken in most of China, but Cantonese is common across Hong Kong and Shenzhen.
  • Time zone: GMT+8
  • Terrain: Mountain, altitude and jungle.
  • When can I travel there?: Anytime (high altitude treks are not possible Oct-Apr).
  • Climate: China is subject to incredible extremes in weather. Winters in China’s north generally fall between Nov-Dec and Mar-Apr, and are very cold. Summer is hot and dry, and falls roughly between May-Aug. Across central China the summers are long, hot and humid. Winters are short, wet and cold. Hainan, Hong Kong and Guangdong province in the south are hot and humid from Apr-Sep. This is also the rainy season. Winters are short and relatively mild between Jan-Mar.
  • Expedition Physical Rating: Moderate to high.
  • Expedition Duration: 21 to 28 days.
  • Culture Shock: High.
  • Typical accommodation: Local hotels & tents.
  • Ideal for: Teams who want to experience an unusual destination!

Things to Know

  • Take a pack of cards on the overnight trains – the locals will readily teach you new games!
  • Mandarin is spoken in most of China, Cantonese in Hong Kong and Shenzhen.
  • China is big enough to span five time zones but is the largest country in the world to insist on having one.
  • Pandas are the property of China even if they are born in another country!
  • Red is considered a lucky colour in China. At one time wedding dresses were red. New Year banners, clothing, and lucky money envelopes are still red.

In-Country Agent


NAVO Tour World Challenge’s In-Country Agent, NAVO Tour, is based in Chengdu. Edward is our main point of contact and has been working with World Challenge since 2013. Edward’s first language is Mandarin, but he also speaks very good English.


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Your students choose activities from any of the following phases:
Rest & Relaxation


Every World Challenge starts long before your students step on a plane. With our support, develop life skills and take ownership of:

  • Destination and itinerary planning
  • Fundraising ideas and events
  • Budgeting and money management
  • Preparation, fitness and nutrition
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