Discover one of the least developed countries in Asia on an inspiring Cambodia expedition. Despite recovering from one of the most savage civil upheavals in history, Cambodia is a country with a smile on its face. The crumbling temples of Angkor stand as a silent testimony to the grandeur of the once mighty Khmer Empire. Meanwhile get off the beaten track and trek in one of the most remote jungle areas visited by World Challenge teams.

A truly life-changing school trip to an unforgettable destination!


Here are just some of the incredible experiences you can choose from for your Cambodia expedition:


Teams will have the option of spending a few days acclimatising in Phnom Penh or Siem Reap before traveling out to the remote jungle region of Ratanakiri.

Community Projects

Making a Difference

Cambodia is one of the least developed countries on earth, and World Challenge has many links with charities and NGOs in the country. Last year some teams helped to improve facilities at an orphanage for children who had lost one or both parents to AIDS. There are many opportunities to work on a range of rural and urban projects.

Cambodia Project Case Study –

Improve security and education in remote villages around Battambang

We have been working with communities in and around Battambang since 2006. During this time, our support has ranged from helping abused women to working with homeless families. Guided by Tityarit, our project host, past teams have helped build houses, security fences and playgrounds, and got involved in teaching English, hygiene and other important subjects.

Last year we sent 40 teams to 7 different project sites in Cambodia to help improve the lives of orphaned children, remote communities and desperately poor families.


A total jungle experience trekking in a remote part of Cambodia.

Tucked away in the north-east of Cambodia sits an ideal trekking location. Remote, beautiful and authentic, the region holds some of the greatest adventures Cambodia offers, including hiking through lush jungle and remote jungle rivers. Sleep under the stars in hammocks! Teams can choose Ratanakiri National Park as their acclimatisation or main trek.

Rest & Relaxation

Aside from exploring the mighty temples of Angkor, teams will have the chance to visit impressive landmarks in the capital city, along with historical Khmer Rouge sites. Teams may also opt to travel south to relax on the white sandy beaches around Sihanoukville.


Cambodia Expedition Factfile

  • Cambodia, South East Asia
  • Population: 15 million.
  • Languages spoken: Khmer.
  • Time zone: GMT +7.
  • Terrain: Jungle and coast.
  • When can I travel there?: All year round (though trekking will be more challenging in the monsoon season between May-Oct).
  • Climate: During the cool season (Nov-Feb) temperatures are generally under 30°C. They increase during the hot season (Mar-Apr) to an average of 33°-35°C, whilst the Monsoon season (May-Oct) features high temperatures and rain.
  • Expedition Physical Rating: Medium to high.
  • Expedition Duration: 28 days.
  • Culture Shock: High.
  • Typical accommodation: Hostels, hammocks/bashas and stilt houses.
  • Ideal for: Teams looking for a blend of adventure and culture.

Things to Know

  • Do your research on the temples you want to see, and in what order you want to see them at Angkor Wat, then shop around for the best deal on a guide that can show you the way.
  • It is considered rude to point feet, particularly the soles, towards a person or things, so tuck them away when sitting on the floor or on a chair.
  • Most Cambodian young men are Buddhist monks for a short time in their lives.
  • The kouprey, a wild forest cow, is known for its long, curving horns. One of the rarest animals in the world, the kouprey is Cambodia’s national animal.
  • The Khmer Empire was one of the most powerful empires in South East Asia and at times ruled over parts of modern-day Laos, Thailand, Vietnam, Burma and Malaysia!

In-Country Agent

Sarath is your typical Khmer – friendly, fun and a little bit cheeky. Sarath (pronounced ‘Sa-rat’) lives in Siem Reap with his wife and two children and helps run a hostel called Hello Paradise, which is very popular with our teams. Sarath has been working with World Challenge since 2009, you’ll recognise him by his infectious smile and willingness to help.

Lundy ‘Dee’ Chou joined World Challenge in 2013 as our In-Country Agent in Phnom Penh, where she currently lives with her family. Dee has a dynamic skill set, having previously completed degrees in Business and Enterprise Management and also Sustainable trade.

Combine With

Cambodia can easily be combined with a trek in Thailand or Laos, or a project phase in Vietnam. Visit these pages for more information.


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Your students choose activities from any of the following phases:
Rest & Relaxation


Every World Challenge starts long before your students step on a plane. With our support, develop life skills and take ownership of:

  • Destination and itinerary planning
  • Fundraising ideas and events
  • Budgeting and money management
  • Preparation, fitness and nutrition
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