Student Preparation

Our Student preparation program equips challengers to take the lead on their expedition.

Training Expedition

Every World Challenge team attends a two-day Training Expedition prior to departure. These are staffed exclusively by experienced World Challenge Leaders, all of whom hold technical outdoor qualifications. This is a fantastic opportunity for teams to begin to work together and test their fitness levels. It will also cover many of the skills they will use on expedition including:

      • Buying appropriate expedition food.
      • Efficiently packing and fitting backpacks.
      • Safely setting up a campsite.
      • Cooking and cleaning in an environmentally
        conscious manner.
      • Personal health and safety.
      • Roles and responsibilities within the team.
      • Equipment training.

Medical Clearance

Our School Support Team will guide Challengers and their parents through a comprehensive medical screening process prior to departure. Details are collated and passed on to the Expedition Leader prior to departure, as well as being held on file by the 24/7 staff of our Operations Centre. This helps to ensure that the specific needs of individual team members are being met whilst overseas.

Fitness Monitoring & Training

Whilst you don’t need to be an Olympic athlete to take part in a World Challenge expedition, a good base level of fitness is important to ensure that Challengers get the most from their time away. World Challenge will assist in pre-departure fitness monitoring for all participants, and will be on hand with help and advice to ensure that teams get on the plane fighting fit.


Every World Challenge starts long before your students step on a plane. With our support, develop life skills and take ownership of:

  • Destination and itinerary planning
  • Fundraising ideas and events
  • Budgeting and money management
  • Preparation, fitness and nutrition
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