Risk Audits

Regular risk audits on all third-party providers ensure World Challenge safety guidelines are always upheld.

Specialist Expedition Planner for each destination

All of our expedition planning, destination safety and political analysis is carried out in-house by a team of dedicated, expert planners.  Each responsible for a small regional portfolio of countries, these planners are at the forefront of managing our local risk audits.

Local employees

World Challenge has at least one In-Country Agent in each of the more than 50 destinations that we work in.  A phenomenal source of local knowledge, these Agents work tirelessly with our Expedition Planners to ensure our robust risk management plans cross both cultural and language divides.

Setting standards in expedition compliance

World Challenge has led the development of a number of national standards in expedition safety, and continues to work closely with industry and government organisations to share and legislate best practice.

Regular in-country recces

A true appreciation of risk has to come with experiencing potential hazards on the ground.  Both our Expedition Planners and In-Country Agents conduct regular research trips to get eyes on our safety management mechanisms on the ground.

Retained security consultants

Helping to inform our in-house analysis are two retained independent security consultant agencies, both of whom provide World Challenge with intelligence reports daily.


Every World Challenge starts long before your students step on a plane. With our support, develop life skills and take ownership of:

  • Destination and itinerary planning
  • Fundraising ideas and events
  • Budgeting and money management
  • Preparation, fitness and nutrition
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