Adventurous fundraising expedition!



By George Kefford

Recently I completed my expedition to walk across North Stradbroke Island. Wow, it was hard. I knew right from the beginning that this would be the toughest thing I’ve ever done, but I’d never pushed myself before. Well, certainly not to this extent.

After having to reverse the route at the last minute due to a ridiculously high tide that morning, we started at Amity on the north west tip of the island. We then walked to Point Lookout which is the township on the North East point on the island, this was then followed by a long slog down to the southern tip.

After ‘killing it’ on the road. We arrived at main beach, which runs south for just over 30km. As soon as we hit the sand the immediate thoughts in my head were,”Where is the hard sand?” Hard sand would mean that our calves wouldn’t burn out as quickly and we wouldn’t sink into the sand.

The hardest part of the expedition was between the 25km and 35km mark. Our support vehicle with both of our dads in had gone up to Point Lookout for Lunch, so we didn’t see them for about 3 hours, which may not sound like a long time, but when you are in this immense pain from walking on hard sand, being stung by Bluebottle Jellyfish, having a huge blood blister on the sole of your foot and roasting in the hot Australian sun, it is a long time.

When we hit the 35km mark we decided that we should try and really attack. After running the final 100m or so, we realised that we had done it.

A HUGE thanks goes to Tim Moss, who had set up a grant to help adventurers go on their journeys. Tim is an adventurer who has made numerous first ascents of mountains, walked across deserts and cycled round the world. Tim generously gave us £70 (about $150) to help us complete this. Please check out Tim’s website at, a website that helps people live more adventurously with stories, free advice and books.

George has set up a website where you can find more information about his adventuring in preparation for his World Challenge expedition!