10 tips to get through the airport quickly


We all know that waiting in lines is no fun and airports have some of the longest. Whilst you can’t eliminate all potential waiting time in an airport, here are our tips for helping you move through the airport quickly and efficiently with your team.

1. Arrive early enough. World Challenge groups need to arrive 3hrs before your departure time.

2. Check in as a group all at one desk. This way you can possibly all sit together on the flight.

3. Have all your passport handy. Better yet, learn your passport number, you will need it on departure and arrival cards.passport1

4. Use ziplock bags to keep your cash and documents organised. This will also ensure they are water-proofed for your expedition. Use one ziplock bag for your passport, one for any personal money and one for any group money and keep them all in your money belt. Make sure they are all clearly labelled!

5. Bring a pen. you need them for filling out departure/arrival cards when you travel internationally so having your own will save you from having to wait to use someones else’s.

6. Don’t carry anything in your pockets. It will make getting through security that much quicker if you know you don’t have any keys or loose coins floating around in your pockets.

7. Know the airline rules and pack accordingly. For example; Any liquids that you need with you on the plane must be no more than 100ml and all containers must be placed inside a clear plastic bag, anything larger than 100ml should go in your check-in luggage.

8. Having water on a flight is a good idea to keep hydrated. Just keep in mind that bottles of water have to be empty to go through customs but can be refilled on other side

9. Put a bright visual indicator on all the team’s checked in bags. This means anyone in the team can pick up any team bag upon arrival in country.

10. Allocate a number for all members of your team. These can be used as a register and serve as an extremely quick way to check all members are present.

If you’d like further information about flight regulations you can check the airport website for your departure city, for instance in Melbourne you can visit: http://melbourneairport.com.au/flight-passenger-info/preparing-to-fly/overview.html